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Forces give an object the energy to move, stop or change its direction.
Types of forces:
  1. Contact forces: There's a contact between two objects, two people or a person and an object.
  • To push: to move an object forwards.
  • To pull: to move an object backwards.
      2. Non-contact force: no contact takes place.
  •  Gravitya force that attracts an object to another.
         It is the force that pulls everything towards the Earth's surface.

  • Magnetism: It is the force the magnets produce.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Simple machines and complex machines.

Complex Machines.

 Complex machines are two or more simple machines working together.

e.g. A car is a complex machine; there are many simple and complex machines working together and at the same time.

Simple Machines

Simple Machines
A simple machine is a  device for altering a force.

Simple Machines: lever, bar, pulley, inclined plane, screw, wheel, axle and wedge.

1. Lever:: A lever moves on a fulcrum
      2.   Wheel:    A wheel spins around an axle.
3.   Pulley: A pulley is a wheel with a rope.
4. Inclined plane:
5. Wedge

6. Screw 

7. Axle 


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Changes in matter.

There are two kinds of changes in matter:

- Physical changes.
- Chemical changes.

Physical changes: The matter is the same before and after the change. There is a change in physical properties ( size, smell or colour).

Chemical changes: a material or substance is changed into another one. The change is not reversible, the material or substance is different after this type of change.

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New Contest!!

Drawing Contest about the Water Cycle!!

Draw a picture of the water cycle and you will get a piece of "Helvas"(Turkish cake)!

Steps to follow:

1st) Do the picture!
2nd) Scan it or give it to David Sánchez to do it!
3rd) Speak to Sybil to get your piece of Turkish cake; thank you SYBIL!!

All of your pictures will be posted on your blog guys!

Changes in the states of water.

Condensation is the change from the gaseous state to the liquid state.

Evaporation is the change from the liquid state to the gaseous state.

Freezing is the change from the liquid state to the solid state.

Melting is the chage from the solid state to the liquid state.

Sublimation is the change from the solid state to the gaseous state.

Deposition is the change from the gaseous state to the solid state.

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Changing state game!!

EVAPORATION: liquid to gas. 100ºC

CONDENSATION: gas to liquid.

SOLIDIFICATION: liquid to solid. 0ºC

FUSION: solid to liquid.

States of water.

We can find water in three different states:

-Liquid water: rainfall; water in rivers, lakes and oceans.

- Solid water: Ice and snow are examples of solid water.

-Gaseous water: water vapour, fog and steam are water in the gaseous state.


Groundwater is water located under the ground.

The grounwater is collected in aquifers.

A spring is the place where the groundwater meets the Earth´s surface.
It is a well if it is aritificial (made by human beings).

Surface Water.

Surface water is water collected on the ground
(Different forms of surface water are streams,rivers, lakes, glaciers and oceans).

Lakes are large bodies of water surrounded by w

Streams are very small rivers:

A river is a big stream of water that flows towards a lake or ocean.

Glaciers are areas of moving ice.

Oceans are huge areas of salt water.

The five oceans are: the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, The Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean and the Southern Ocean.

The three states of matter.

There are three states of matter:

- Solid


- Gas

Solids: They have a definite shape and a definite volume.
Liquids: They have a definte volume but the don't ha a definite shape.

Gas: They don't have a definite shape or volume. They take the shape of their container.

Have fun with this game!!

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The three states of matter game!!

Did you like it?? Try this one.

The water cycle.

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The water cycle song.

I have chosen this song but there are many interesting ones about the water cycle; search for other ones and learn new things about the water and the Earth.

The Groundwater Story Song.

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Severe weather

Severe weather is dangerous. Be sure you don't travel under severe weather risk.
  • Thunderstorm: an electric storm. The thunder is the sound and the lightening is a bright flash of electricity.
  • Snowstorms: storms with lots of snow.
  • Flood: It happens after very heavy rain, snow melting or when rivers rise.
  • Drought: It occurs when it doesn't rain or rains a little bit for a long time.

 For further information: 

Learn more about the atmosphere!!

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The elements of weather

Temperature: we measure temperature with a thermometer.

Wind is air in motion. We measure wind with an anemometer.

Humidity is the amount of water in the air. We measure humidity with a hygrometer.

Rain is a type of weather precipitation. We measure the rain with a rain gauge.