Tuesday, 5 March 2013

What do you eat?

Plants make their own food.
Animals have to eat in order to grow and reproduce.

Some animals eat other animals, they are carnivore animals.

Other animals eat plants, they are herbivore:

We, human beings, are omnivore. We eat both plants and animals.

Enjoy your food hungry omnivore!!

What do you know about bats?

Print, read and colour!


Birds are vertebrate and oviparous.

They have a beak and wings.

Finally, most of them can fly:

What a wonderful world!

Have a look and enjoy yourselves!


Living things are born, grow, reproduce and die.

We can divide the living things into plants, animals and human beings.

We know a lot about plants after the last unit.

What about animals?

Welcome to unit 3: The animals.

Can you remember what the backbone is?

Can you touch your backbone?

If an amimal has got a backbone it is a vertebrate animal.
The opposite: invertebrate animals haven't got a backbone.
Think about your favourite animal... has it got a backbone? is it vertebrate or invertebrate?
Do you want have a look around an exiciting museum? This is the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

The alien!

Have fun with this alien!

Another animal classification!

Animals that are born from an egg are oviparous.

Animals that are born from their mother's womb are viviparous. The embryo is developed in the mothe´r's body.

Can you remember The very hungry caterpillar.?

Is the butterfly a viviparous or oviparous animal? And you?


They are vertebrate
The mothers feed their babies with milk.
They have hair (or fur)
Most of them are viviparous.

Can you recognize any other mammal around you?
Look at a mirror! We, human beings, are mammals!

The mammals.

Characteristics of Mammals:

  • They are vertebrate

  • Most mammals are viviparous.

  • They have lungs to breath and get oxygen.

  • They have hair, or fur.

  • Female mammals produce milk to feed their children.

Classify them!!

Try to catch and classify them!!

Click here and quiz yourself!


They are vertebrate.

They are aquatic. They live in the water.

They are covered with scales.

Vertebrate animals.

There are five vertebrate animal groups.


What kind of vertebrate animal is Michael Phelps? Is he a fish? NOOOO!!!

He is an amazing mammal!

Are they vertebrate or invertebrate?

Remember vertebrate animals have got a backbone.

Invertebrate animals haven't got a backbone.

Are these animals vertebrate or invertebrate?

Three invertebrate animal groups.

There are three invertebrate animal groups.




A new game!!

Do you know everything about vertebrate animals?

Have fun classifying the vertebrate features!!


They are oviparous.

They are vertebrate.

Their body is covered in scales:


They are vertebrate.

They are oviparous.

Their main feature is that they metamorphose. This means they change, they have different stages: