Thursday, 23 May 2013

The primary sector.

The primary sector takes raw materials from nature. Economical activities included in the primary sector:
  • Agriculture and farming:
                      - Livestock: To breed and take care of animals.

                      - Crops: To grow crops.

  • Fishing: there are two kinds of fishing:
              - Coastal fishing: Fishermen work near the coast:

               - Deep-sea fishing: Fishermen work far away from the coast:

  • Mining: It is the extraction of minerals from the Earth. It includes oil and gas.
  • Forestry: it uses the resources from the forests, e.g: wood.

Economic sectors.

There are three economic sectors:

  1. The primary sector: it gets raw materials.
  2. The secondary sector: it manufactures products. It is based on industry (factories) and craft. Engineering is part of this sector.
  3. The tertiary sector: it is the service sector.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Parts of a city or a town.

A neighbourhood is a localised area in a city or a town.

                    This is New York City neighbourhood map:

The Old Quarter is the oldest neighbourhood of a city or a town.

New parts of the city: there are parks, shopping centers, offices and appartment buildings.

The outskirts: areas outside the city or the town. There are hospitals, factories, airports or recycling facilities.